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‘America’s Next Top Model’ Spoilers: Rita Ora Deviating From Tyra Banks’ Style – Report

‘America’s Next Top Model’ Spoilers: Rita Ora Deviating From Tyra Banks’ Style – Report
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‘America’s Next Top Model’ Spoilers: Rita Ora Deviating From Tyra Banks’ Style – Report

Though Tyra Banks has enjoyed ample success hosting “America Next Top Model” for years now, Rita Ora does not plan on following the same style of hosting as her predecessor.

It was announced a while back that “America’s Next Top Model” will be rebooted, but Tyra Banks will no longer be the host of the iconic show anymore.

The reality show which is still being produced by Tyra Banks will be hosted by Rita Ora, who has previously hosted shows like “The Voice UK” and “The X Factor”.

While this news had some of the fans of singer excited, most of the people who have watched ANTM for the last decade were pretty disappointed. Tyra Banks had become the face of the reality show and with her departure fans are less than optimistic that Rita Ora would be able to fill her shoes.

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‘America’s Next Top Model’

However, Rita Ora does not plan to fill the shoes of Tyra Banks at all. Instead, she is looking to induce a new and different kind of flair to her hosting gig at “America’s Next Top Model”.

Back in July 2016, Rita had explicitly mentioned in an interview with USA Today that instead of being a mentor and a friend to the contestants, as Tyra often was, she will put on the demeanor of “a businesswoman”.

She will also help the girls to learn “to do multiple things at the same time, whether it’s music or shooting [magazine covers] and being in movies and designing clothes.”

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‘The Tonight show’ With Jimmy Fallon

Rita Ora recently went on “The Tonight show” with Jimmy Fallon and reiterated her stance on how she plans to host ANTM.

“Shout out to Tyra Banks, we love Tyra. She asked me to come and re-2016 the show. I can’t really fill her footsteps cause she’s been doing it for so many years,” Rita mentioned first, but quickly moved on to how why she plans to deviate in her style of hosting the show.

“These girls that go on the show, I’m just seeing them elevate into these amazing businesswomen and that’s what I really love to see, especially in our day and age with the internet and social media and all that stuff. You never know who is going to get famous these days!” said Rita, reports Hollywood Life.

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