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America’s Global Image Largely Positive – Report

America’s Global Image Largely Positive – Report
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America’s Global Image Largely Positive – Report

America has a generally positive image around the world, a study from Pew Research Center found. America is viewed most favorably in the Philippines, with 92 percent of Filipinos holding a favorable opinion of the nation. As expected, America is viewed most negatively in Russia, with only 15 percent of Russians holding a positive opinion of U.S.

More countries love America

Ninety-two percent of the Filipinos love the U.S. The nation is also much loved by South Koreans with 84 percent of its people holding a positive view of the Americans. In Vietnam, 77 percent of the people love U.S. while 70 percent of the Indians view U.S. as favorably positive.

America is also well-loved by key NATO allies – Canada, Italy, Poland, France, the UK and Spain.

Seventy-three percent of the Brazilians love the U.S and 43 percent of Argentinians love the country as well.

A large percentage of the African nations – Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa – also hold a favorable opinion of the U.S.

Sixty-nine percent of the Ukrainians have a positive opinion of the U.S.

Turkey, meanwhile, has divided opinion. Fifty-five percent of the country’s Christians, 48 percent of Sunni Muslims and 3 percent of the Lebanese Shia Muslims have a positive opinion of the U.S. Overall, only 29 percent of the Turks view America favorably.

Countries that hate America

Among the Asian nations, Pakistan gave U.S. a negative rating with just 22 percent of its people loving the Americans.

Positive views of the U.S. have significantly declined in China. Only 44 percent of the Chinese love the U.S. today as compared to 50 percent in the recent year.

While 87 percent of Israeli Jews and 48 percent of the Arabs view U.S. positively, the totality of Jordanians, Palestinians, Turks and Lebanese dislike the country.

Among the NATO allies, Germany showed a significant dislike of America at 45 percent. This is more significant to note than the positive rating given by 50 percent of the Germans. Especially that 62 percent of the Germans used to love America back in 2011.

There is also a significant decline of Venezuelans who love the Americans. Only 51 percent of Venezuelans has favorable view of the U.S. as compared to 62 percent in 2014.

Russia, meanwhile, has the most negative view of America with only 15 percent of its people having a favorable view of the U.S.


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