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Americans Love Sleeping – Report

Americans Love Sleeping – Report
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Americans Love Sleeping – Report

America’s most favorite leisure activity is sleeping, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has found. Americans sleep each day for about 8.80 hours or 8 hours and 48 minutes, according to the American Time Use Survey or ATUS. Other favorite activities are watching television and shopping for goods and services.

Americans love simple activities

When an average American is not working, he is most likely just watching TV, socializing or exercising, the survey found. Ninety-six percent of Americans aged 15 and over watch TV, talk with friends or hit the gym.

Watching TV is the leisure activity they spent the most time on, an average of 2.8 hours per day, especially with the men. Visiting friends, attending or hosting social events is the next most common leisure activity at 43 minutes per day.

On an average day, adults aged 75 and over spent 8 hours doing leisure activities. Thirty-five to forty-four-year-old spent 4.1 hours engaged in leisure and sports activities.

Employed adults with no children below 18 years old engaged in leisure activities for 4.6 hours per day – an hour more than employed adults with kids under the age of 6.

Americans love to read

Americans also love reading for personal interests and playing games or using computer during idle hours. Seventy-five-year-olds and over read one hour per weekend day and 24 minutes playing games using a computer. Fifteen to 19-year-olds read for an average of 8 minutes per weekend day and spent 1.2 hours playing games or using computer for leisure.


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