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Americans Like Vladimir Putin, Likely To Vote Him Than Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump

Americans Like Vladimir Putin, Likely To Vote Him Than Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump
Vladimir Putin President of Russia / Website CC by 4.0


Americans Like Vladimir Putin, Likely To Vote Him Than Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump

A very interesting study shows that many Americans are likely to vote for Vladimir Putin over their own candidates in the U.S. Presidential elections – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

According to a joint study conducted by the Wall Street Journal and CBS News, more Americans hold a negative view against Clinton and Trump than they do to Russia’s Putin. It turned out that that 44 percent of Americans don’t like Trump, while 41 percent of the surveyed hold negative views against the former Secretary of State.

Negative View

Putin, on the other hand, got 38 percent, making him the least hated political icon among the three. Ahead of the 2016 Presidential Election in November, the survey gives a bird’s eye-view of the voters’ perspective on the upcoming elections.

The survey showed that almost three of ten voters see both Clinton and Trump negatively at 27 percent. Clinton is the frontrunner candidate from the Democrats’ side vying to get her party’s nomination for this year’s presidential elections, while Trump is the frontrunner from the Republicans who appeared to be the likely candidate from his party.

More Protest Votes

Another interesting insight is the number of protest votes that reached to an unprecedented level. According to the results, 54 percent of Trump’s supporters voted him to oppose Clinton. On the other hand, 52 percent of Clinton’s voters are protest votes against Trump.

“Most voters who would back Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton say their vote is meant less to support their candidate than to oppose the other one. There is no precedent for this in recent decades,” the report reads.

The report, however, said both Trump and Clinton may still be able to recover from this negative public perception, citing former President Bill Clinton’s case in 1992 as well as current President Barack Obama’s situation in 2008.

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