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American Horror Story New Trailer: Lady Gaga Role Revealed!

American Horror Story New Trailer: Lady Gaga Role Revealed!
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American Horror Story New Trailer: Lady Gaga Role Revealed!

The “American Horror Story” new trailer for season 6 just revealed how big Lady Gaga’s role is, though her character’s name is not clear yet as of press time.

FX just released the new trailer showing footage of teasers which has been dropped since last month. Collectively, the footages showed an unsettling imagery but what made fans excitement heightened was when Lady Gaga’s newly-dropped single was included.

Lady Gaga’s “Perfect Illusion,” which debuted this week, was included in the marketing plan of the people being “American Horror Story” and suggests that she will play a major role in the season 6.

Lady Gaga played as the Countess during the “Hotel” episode for the season 3 which earned her a Golden Globe Award, Cinema Blend said.

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The “Paparazzi” singer has earlier confirmed her participation in the season 6 at the Z100 New York back last March.

However, she said, “I can’t promise you how, or when, or anything like that,” she teased cryptically.

Fans are speculating for months if Lady Gaga will took on a role for the “American Horror Story” as she is currently working on her music.

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Jefferson Grubs of Bustle meanwhile noted it would be understandable if Lady Gaga will opt to finish off her fifth studio album before she goes back to writing.

His report also noted that the “American Horror Story” which will premiere on Wednesday, has left fans wondering about its storyline as the production has been secretive all throughout.

This year, he noted fans were not able to be treated with subtitles, promos, posters, and official cast list.

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