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‘American Gods’ Welcomes ‘Sucker Punch’ Lead Emily Browning

‘American Gods’ Welcomes ‘Sucker Punch’ Lead Emily Browning
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‘American Gods’ Welcomes ‘Sucker Punch’ Lead Emily Browning

“Sucker Punch” female lead star, Emily Browning, most notably known as a kid in “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” is all grown up. This is why she is now given a more mature role, that of a wife.

Browning is joining the cast of the upcoming television series “American Gods” as Laura Moon, the wife of Shadow Moon. This is a more mature role than any of the roles the actress has portrayed.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Browning’s Laura Moon would be supporting her husband all the way after he gets off prison and teams up with the Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane). The story will revolve around a feud between new and old gods manifested through drugs, technology, and other modern issues at the present. Laura Moon for her part will find herself in the verge of a dilemma on whether she should stick by her husband and make her marriage work. Or would she do what is right?

As reported by IGN, Neil Gaiman, the one writer behind the fantasy world, had some words to say about Browning’s entry into the show. He said, “[American Gods series will be] even trickier and more dangerous than the one on the page.” The author also said that Browning’s character will be complex in the series.

Creators of the series, Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, also commented on Browning’s involvement in the upcoming series. They said, “[Browning] brings a fascinating spark of life to every role she inhabits and we are tickled she will be lighting up Laura Moon and bringing her to life in more ways than one on ‘American Gods.’”

Is Emily Browning’s involvement in the upcoming “American Gods” series a good addition? Will her casting redeem her mature roles for the rest of her career? Catch the series on Starz this coming 2017.

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