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America Is In Love With Justin Trudeau, Here’s Proof

America Is In Love With Justin Trudeau, Here’s Proof
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America Is In Love With Justin Trudeau, Here’s Proof

You can almost say that Justin Trudeau is a America’s political lover boy. One study has even recently revealed that America finds the Canadian prime minister more likable than Donald Trump. In fact, you can even say that Americans like Trudeau a lot more than Canadians.

Some Americans believe Trudeau would make a better president than Trump.

These are some of the findings released by market research firm Ipsos recently. According to the company, as much as four in ten Americans now prefer Trudeau to be their president instead of Trump. On the other hand, about one in three of Americans still wouldn’t have Trudeau as their president.

If that’s enough, as much as 43 percent of Americans says that they approve of Trudeau’s performance as Canada’s prime minister. Even more surprising, about 39 percent of Americans believe that Trudeau is capable of effectively standing up to Donald Trump.

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At the same time, Americans have also expressed some approval when it comes to how Trudeau is dealing with the critical issue of terrorism. In fact, some 34 percent of Americans don’t believe that Trudeau’s recent policies are making North America a lot more susceptible and open to terrorists. Meanwhile, 40 percent of Americans say they don’t know enough about the matter to form an opinion.

Trudeau should take in the refugees that Trump is turning away.

When it comes to the issue of taking in refugees who are trying to flee persecution and terrorism in their own countries, Trudeau also has some supporters in the U.S. As much 41 percent believe that Trudeau and Canada should take in the refugees that Trump is refusing to be admitted into the country. Meanwhile, 32 percent disagree and 27 percent say they don’t know.

Americans generally have no issues with Canada.

While Trudeau is winning over a lot in U.S., it seems American also generally view Canada in a positive light. In fact, as much as 78 percent of Americans have said that Canada speaks with authority. 58 percent also believe that the country is a meaningful military ally. Clearly, Canadians, most notably Trudeau, are getting a lot of love from their American neighbors.

And in case you can’t get enough of Trudeau at the moment, perhaps some of these gifs below can make your day:








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