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AMD Announces Launch Of Next-Gen GPUs

AMD Announces Launch Of Next-Gen GPUs
AMD 186 50 Mhz chip Paul Sullivan / Flickr CC BY 2.0


AMD Announces Launch Of Next-Gen GPUs

The new and long-awaited range of graphics card from AMD to be released in 2015 has been finally revealed during E3 yesterday. The brand, which recently lost big market share to Nvidia, is highly banking on these latest card range to get a hold on the money-spinning high-end segment.

The company has announced the launch of not only the anticipated R7 and R9 300 series GPUs but also Fiji-powered next generation graphics cards, R9 Fury X and R9 Fury, all with HBM memory.

The R7 360 and R7 370 will be launching this Thursday for a price of $109 and $149, respectively. The Fury X cards will go on sale from June 24 for a price of $649, and the Fury cards will be available to buyers from July 14 along with a price tag of $549. R9 300 prices will fall in the range of $199 (R9 380) to $429 (R9 390X).

The Fiji graphics cards, the air-cooled as well as water-cooled variants of Fury, are claimed to be not only the fastest cards ever but also most energy efficient. Both the Fury GPUs come with 4GB of High Bandwidth Memory which is promised to offer 60% higher bandwidth compared to the existing GDDR5 chips and over 3 times bandwidth per watt while consuming only a smaller fraction of the surface area.  The HBM chips of AMD are being produced by SK Hynix.

The R9 Nano is the other product that AMD plans to launch this summer. This HBM GPU with Fiji architecture is designed for 6” long cards and are claimed to offer much more power than the existing technology. Information on the Project Quantum, which is a PC concept with two Fiji GPUs that will split into two sections, was also revealed in the conference.

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