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Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian Will Never be Friends — Here’s Why

Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian Will Never be Friends — Here’s Why
Amber Rose at the “PEOPLE Magazine Awards” held at the Beverly Hilton on December 18, 2014 Mingle Media TV/Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 2.0

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Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian Will Never be Friends — Here’s Why

After Amber Rose uncharacteristically defended Kim Kardashian and her nude selfie, many are wondering if the two patched things up and are now friends. Rose said that will never happen.

Speaking with the Daily Beast, the former Ford model touched on her complicated relationship with her ex-boyfriend’s wife. The TV personality stated that people might have assumed that she and Kim are friends, but they will probably never be. She, however, is understanding of Kim because they are both women.

Rose said, “The thing is, Kim and I will probably – I won’t say we’ll never be friends, but we accept each other for who we are, and that’s the most important thing as women.”

“I don’t get along with her husband — I don’t think we’ll ever be the best of friends — but it’s good that we understand who we both are, got all that s**t out on the table, and can just move on with our lives knowing that the social media is mostly what gave us the beef we had.”

It can be remembered that Rose took to Twitter to defend the 35-year-old Kardashian in a passionate way last week, when the reality star faced brutal backlash over her nude selfie. “I don’t know you well but I saw you speak about slut shaming and as you know, I’m an activist feminist so it spoke to me,” Rose wrote. “Being Slut shamed and ridiculed is not fun, it’s hurtful and mean,” Rose added.

Rose might always be angry at West, though. Not only did their relationship failed, West is one of her most staunch critics. When the model, fashion designer and actress hosted “Slut Walk” in downtown Los Angeles back in October, Rose delivered a tear-filled speech to the massive audience about how she’s been criticized as a woman by the famous men in her life, as reported by Hollywood Life.

She specifically mentioned recording artist and actor Wiz Khalifa (ex-husband) and the hip hop recording artist ex-boyfriend Kanye West as the ones who hurt her the most. She said she already forgave them.

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