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Amber Rose Blackmailing Kanye West? Kardashians Willing To Pay $10 Million

Amber Rose Blackmailing Kanye West? Kardashians Willing To Pay $10 Million
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Amber Rose Blackmailing Kanye West? Kardashians Willing To Pay $10 Million

Amber Rose is blackmailing Kanye West, a new report says. Allegedly, the model will keep mum on West’s deepest secrets in exchange for $10 Million.

According to Radar Online, being West’s ex-girlfriend allowed Rose to know all of West’s deepest and darkest secrets. If West is not going to be careful, she just might spill all these out. “Amber’s got the Kardashians right where she wants them; they’re petrified she’s going to spill all of Kanye’s secrets and paint the entire family in a bad light,” an insider revealed to Radar. “Amber has so much dirt on Kanye and it’s well known she’s been shopping her story to publishers and movie honchos for some time now,” the insider added.

In exchange for her silence, Rose is reportedly asking West, who said he is $53 Million in debt already, for $10 Million. Fortunately for West though, his wife and mother-in-law have that amount of money. They are both willing to step in too, because they know whatever dirt Rose will reveal can also affect them and the rest of the family. “Kim and Kris have decided to step in, and they’ll pay what it takes to keep her quiet,” said the insider.

If these malicious rumors are true, Rose is indeed right in saying that she and Kim Kadashian will never be friends.

Although she has been defending the reality star recently for her nude selfie, she also told The Daily Beast that this does not translate to them being friends. “The thing is, me and Kim will probably — I won’t say we’ll never be friends, but we accept each other for who we are, and that’s the most important thing as women,” the model shared.

She added that she still has a problem with West. “I don’t get along with her husband — I don’t think we’ll ever be the best of friends — but it’s good that we understand who we both are, got all that sh*t out on the table, and can just move on with our lives knowing that the Internet is mostly what gave us the beef we had.”




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