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Amber Heard Dropping Johnny Depp Domestic Abuse Claims?

Amber Heard Dropping Johnny Depp Domestic Abuse Claims?
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Amber Heard Dropping Johnny Depp Domestic Abuse Claims?

Is Amber Heard backing out from the domestic abuse claims she filed against estranged husband Johnny Depp?

Reports said that Amber Heard failed to give oath on her deposition hearing with the “Pirates of the Carribean” actor.

The 30-year-old The Danish Girl star was not able to enter the deposition room and was just “crying” while she refused to be questioned with a court officer and a videographer to document her statements.

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A TMZ news said she first refused to take oath at 2pm and 5:30pm.

Johnny Depp’s attorney Laura Wasser said that actress went from one mood to the other, as she can observe to the adjoining room which has clear glass.

“Amber hysterically crying and pacing in her separate conference room, or screaming and yelling at times and laughing at others,” she told the People, adding that she appeared “manic and irrational.”

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The lawyer added that Amber Heard’s legal camp has been trying to reason with her all throughout that day but to no avail.

Johnny Depp’s lawyers also said that Amber Heard refused to give the documents needed, which led them to requesting to the judge to not let the actress testify next week.

But another source from People said that Amber Heard was not trying to delay her deposition.

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“Although Amber was ready, willing and able to go forward with her deposition, it was not taken by Johnny’s attorneys,” the insider dished out. “She waited for 10 hours and at no time did Amber ever refuse to start the deposition. There was nothing preventing Johnny’s counsel from commencing the deposition during that time.”

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will go to trial next week for the hearing on the permanent restraining order she filed against the actor due to his alleged domestic abuse, Mirror UK said.

The couple, who were married for 15-months,  filed for divorce last May after Amber Heard accused him of violence in their Los Angeles home.

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