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Amber Alert: Children Kidnapped By Mother Found Safe, Mother Arrested

Amber Alert: Children Kidnapped By Mother Found Safe, Mother Arrested
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Amber Alert: Children Kidnapped By Mother Found Safe, Mother Arrested

Two Abington children whose kidnapping led to the Amber Alert have been found safe, police confirm.

Nathalia Portela Coelho, 7, and Nathan Portela Coelho, 8, were kidnapped by their mother, Bruna Gomes. The suspect was arrested in Yarmouth, Massachusetts.

She Announced, ‘Abington Police – Open The Door!’

Gomes came to the house of the children’s father, Bruno Coelho, at 94 Walnut St. in Abington at around 9:20 a.m. She knocked on the door and announced, “Abington Police – open the door!”

According to WCVB, Abington Police Chief David Majenski said, “She immediately pushed the door open and forced her way in.

“[Gomes] pepper-sprayed the caretaker immediately, incapacitated the caretaker. Came in, grabbed the kids and took off.”

Coelho’s attorney Mike Szymanski said the children were aware of what was happening.

“They saw the whole thing,” Szymanski said. “They protested. They didn’t want it to happen.”

An Amber Alert was issued at 3 p.m. Thursday after Gomes fled with the children. The children were found just before 4 p.m.

Police have expressed their concerns about the health of the children.

“Based upon the manner of the way this person entered the apartment, took the children, assaulted a person inside the apartment… certainly based on all that evidence we’re certainly concerned about the welfare and safety of the children,” Police Chief Majenski said, as reported NECN.

‘I Feel Bad For The Kids’

Szymanski said, “We’re going to get the kids now. DCF is with the kids, a judge ordered dad full custody. We’re going to go down, pick them up now, and bring them home.”

“I feel bad for the kids, they were probably scared to death,” neighbor Eleanor Coburn said.

According to CBS Local, police received a call at 3:30 p.m. from the hotel owner at Econo Lodge in West Yarmouth who said that Gomes and her children had just checked in.

“I didn’t know what to do,” Saket Bhagat, the hotel owner’s son, said. “I was running up the stairs, skipping three at a time, yelling, ‘Dad, dad, we have to call the cops!’”

Officers entered Gomes’ room with a key, and found the children inside. They took Gomes into custody.

Bhagat credits Gomes’ arrest to technology.

“If I didn’t have my phone, if we didn’t have Amber Alerts, she would have stayed the night, checked out the next morning and no one would have known about it,” he said.


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