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Amazon Vs YouTube: Amazon Launches Video Uploading Service

Amazon Vs YouTube: Amazon Launches Video Uploading Service
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Amazon Vs YouTube: Amazon Launches Video Uploading Service

It has been a busy couple of years for Amazon as it wages war against one rival after the next. While it was Amazon vs. Netflix a few years back, it is now Amazon vs. YouTube, as it sets it eyes on the biggest video streaming giant in the world.

Amazon Video Direct service will allow anyone to upload a self-created or owned video onto his/her Amazon account, starting Tuesday, May 10 2016, reports The Guardian. This is an effort to compete with the unparalleled reach YouTube enjoys in the video streaming market.

The that video makers would additionally enjoy in Amazon, as opposed to YouTube, is the fact that they can turn their creations into potential money-making machines, something YouTube only offers to those rare few whose channels manage to gather a certain amount of traffic.

With Amazon Video Direct, the video maker will be in total control, choosing the manner in which he/she would like to get paid, states Engadget. These include making the videos available for exclusive Amazon Prime subscribers or charge it on a rental basis.

There is also the option of signing up for the Amazon’s Streaming Partners Program, which invites people to subscribe to your channel for a monthly fee. Lastly, there is revenue from ad support, which means that the videos will be made free for all Amazon users. Video makers will make money off advertisements featured in their videos. There is also the AVD Stars program, which lets people have a shot at scoring a bonus pay, within a limit of a million bucks, depending on the kind of traffic a video attracts.

Jim Freeman, the vice-president of Amazon Video stated, “There are more options for distribution than ever before and with Amazon Video Direct, for the first time, there’s a self-service option for video providers to get their content into a premium streaming subscription service. We’re excited to make it even easier for content creators to find an audience, and for that audience to find great content.”

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