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‘Amazon’ To Hire 100,000 People For The Holidays

‘Amazon’ To Hire 100,000 People For The Holidays
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‘Amazon’ To Hire 100,000 People For The Holidays, Inc. has recently said that it is adding as much as 100,000 seasonal positions across the U.S. this coming holiday season. Want to apply in “Amazon”? Find out more in this report., Inc. has recently announced that it is adding as much as 100,000 seasonal positions across the U.S. this coming holiday season. These positions will mainly be at the online retail company’s fulfillment and sortation centers, in the hopes that they can get more help in meeting customer demand for the holidays.

In addition, Amazon also says the company has already employed tens of thousands of regular, full-time employees in the months leading to the holidays.

In fact, Amazon Vice President of North America Operations Mike Roth says the company has so far, hired more than 25,000 full-time associates throughout the U.S. in the recent months. In addition, Roth shared that last year, tens of thousands of the seasonal employees Amazon hired actually became regular, full-time employees with the company.

To date, “Amazon” has more than 90,000 full-time employees working daily at its various fulfillment centers and sortation centers. Moreover, almost 90 percent of the company’s associates in the fulfillment centers are actually regular, full-time staff. Meanwhile, the hiring of the additional full-time employees has actually been going on since August. The company has more than 50 fulfillment centers and 20 sortation centers spread throughout the U.S.

Amazon says it offers “competitive wages” as well as a long list of benefits for its regular, full time positions. This includes 401(k) with 50 percent match, healthcare, stock options and bonuses. Meanwhile, the company also makes its Career Choice program readily available to its regular, full-time employees. Here, Amazon pre-pays 95 percent of the employee’s tuition fee for courses that help promote employment to in-demand fields even if the skills are not relevant to the Amazon business.

At the same time, Amazon had recently said it is expanding its Career Choice program onsite with classrooms located right inside its fulfillment centers throughout the US. Here, employees will be able to take college classes, industry certification courses, college readiness programs as well as business seminars onsite.

Those who are interested to apply online can do so here.

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