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Amazon Snowmobile Truck, Facts To Know

Amazon Snowmobile Truck, Facts To Know
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Amazon Snowmobile Truck, Facts To Know

The AWS customer conference which took place in Las Vegas on Wednesday had a gigantic finish. A Snowmobile Truck was introduced on stage to leave the audience spellbound.

Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon Web Services, had a truck driven on stage which he claimed to be the ‘Snowmobile’. What seemed like a joke at first turned out to be a reality!

The Snowmobile Truck is a real product and also the biggest announcement of that day.

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Story Of The Snowball

A year ago, the story of this gigantic product came into being. Since the cloud is the one place every business looks forward to, the AWS has turned their attention to a solution of a persisting problem.

The problematic question which cropped up was whether it’s physically possible to store the data center of an entire company into the Amazon cloud? The solution to this question was introduced with a handled box which was almost the size of a desktop and named as “Snowball”.

According to Business Insider, a company rents the Snowball from Amazon and then ships it back to them. In between the company stuffs the Snowball with a petabyte of data. Back at the Amazon center this data is unloaded. This way a company could transfer enormous amount of data to the Amazon cloud every week. They could even unplug the data if they wished to.

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According to GeekWire, Jassy was reported saying, “Moving an exabyte of data would take 26 years with a 10-GB-per-second connection”. He further added, “With the Snowmobile, it would take six months. And you wouldn’t believe how many companies have that much data.”

Hence what Amazon is now offering is that they will literally drive a truck to the companies with huge data. They will load it up in their Snowmobiles and then haul it back to Amazon.

Amazon Snowmobile Truck A Gamble By CEO?

Jassy had initially “chastised” the Snowball team because he thought the product would not be much of a hit. He even admitted on stage that he had criticized the team for manufacturing the Snowball in plenty.

But he admitted that he was wrong. Jassy mentioned on stage that the product was such a hit that the team had to “go back and order 10 times number of Snowballs we have. I can’t believe how much data we’ve transferred with Snowball”.

The product became such a big hit that IT people took selfies with the Snowballs and send them to Amazon.

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