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Amazon Reportedly Sets Launch of Its Set-Top Box Next Month

Amazon Reportedly Sets Launch of Its Set-Top Box Next Month


Amazon Reportedly Sets Launch of Its Set-Top Box Next Month

Speculations about Amazon’s supposed set-top box continue to surface. This time, well-placed sources claim that the product may finally be launched in April. The upcoming device would reportedly be Android-based and would be shipped with in-house apps like Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Pandora, which are already available in the respective set-top boxes from Apple, Google and Roku.

Sources added that the new Amazon device would include the Instant Video streaming service that comes with a library of over 40,000 TV episodes and movies. It may be available exclusively to Prime members, who should really appreciate it as another consolation given their increased $99 annual membership for a one-day free shipping as well as access to original TV programs like ‘Alpha House.’

However, the sources did not disclose any definite launch date for the Amazon set top box. Information about the pricing details was also not disclosed, although it is already a common knowledge that it would face enough competition from the likes of the pricier Apple TV, the middle-range Roku, and the low-cost Google Chrome.

Limited information

Little has been disclosed about how exactly the set-top box would look like. However, the e-retailer reportedly distributed what appears to be a pre-production version to several app developers. This is an understandable practice given the fact that the device needs necessary and sufficient app support.

There are also speculations that the new device would probably be called as the Amazon Fire. Added information squealed to the press reveals that there would be a simple remote control that would come with the device. But sources claim that a more sophisticated controller would be sold separately as an accessory to it.

More from Amazon?

This new device has been in the development stages since April last year. According to reports, Amazon originally aimed for a launch last Christmas. In February, there were reports that it would launch in April. 

Moreover, reliable sources claim that Amazon is also working on another device, aside from the set-top box. There are reports that the company already met with three undisclosed major media outlets for a possible distribution deal with the television channels. However, as of press time, Amazon has already dismissed such reports and said it is not looking to obtain licenses to roll out a pay-TV service. 

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