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Amazon Reportedly Plans to Release Its Own Smartphone This Year

Amazon Reportedly Plans to Release Its Own Smartphone This Year


Amazon Reportedly Plans to Release Its Own Smartphone This Year

Amazon Reportedly Plans to Release Its Own Smartphone This YearThe expanding smartphone market is currently teeming with intense competition. It is currently dominated by the big players like Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics, which both battle it out for overall mobile device supremacy. On the sides are low-cost Chinese brands like Huawei and Lenovo.

According to sources, a new player would join the fray later this year. The company is no other than Amazon. Well-placed sources claim that the electronic and online retailer is currently busy in preparations for the release of its own smartphone, which could be out by the second half of this year.

If the company does that, it would surely thrust itself into this lucrative and highly interesting market, which is presently crowded and adorned by several Apple and Samsung devices. But for sure, more consumers would agree that its entry would make the current market all the more exciting.

Coming very soon

Amazon is reportedly aiming to unveil its own smartphone by the end of June. Sources said that the company may start shipping the new product to its customers by the end of the third quarter or by the end of September. If that plan pushes through, the yet to be named smartphone would just be in time for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

At this point, most reliable sources could only assert that Amazon is hoping that it could differentiate its own handset from other existing models from other brands through a major unique feature. You may ask what that could possibly be. Amazon’s own smartphone is reportedly equipped with a screen that is able to display three-dimensional images that can be comparable to hologram. But this time, such an image could be viewed even without the use of any special eye glass.

Follow up to Fire TV

Amazon has reportedly started showing off the earlier versions of its own mobile phone to several developers particularly in Seattle and San Francisco. There is no word yet whether it has already contracted any manufacturer to make the new technology product.

Earlier this month, the company has introduced its new media streaming device called the Amazon Fire TV. During its launch, Amazon described the new gadget as a technology that simplifies the whole experience of viewing videos online. Amazon Fire TV is part of the company’s present strategy for expansion into multimedia to leverage streaming video and its own Kindle tablets.

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