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Amazon Pilots Its First Original Series—A Political Comedy Called ‘Alpha House’

Amazon Pilots Its First Original Series—A Political Comedy Called ‘Alpha House’


Amazon Pilots Its First Original Series—A Political Comedy Called ‘Alpha House’ has formally started producing and releasing original series. The online retailer today (November 15) rolled out the first three episodes of its first ever original series called ‘Alpha House.’ It is expected that after this one, the company would continue producing and releasing more series in the coming months.

The first three episodes that were just released would be available for free to all Amazon customers through its Amazon Instant Video. There would be 11 episodes for the debut season. Beginning next week, November 22, Amazon would be releasing a new episode of the series every Friday. However, the succeeding releases would be rolled out through the Prime Instant Video.

‘Alpha House’

‘Alpha House’ is a political comedy that aims to entertain. The series would follow the lives of four fictional senators who are living together in one rented house somewhere in Washington D.C. Each episode would feature situations that would not just be hilarious but also politically awakening.

The series would be starred by John Goodman, Clark Johnson, Matt Malloy, and Mark Consuelos. Also joining the cast are Cynthia Nixon from ‘Sex and the City,’ Wanda Sykes from ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ Julie White from ‘Go On,’ and Amy Sedaris from ‘Strangers with Candy.’ It was created for Amazon by Garry Trudeau, a Pulitzer Prize winner and Academy Award nominee.

Amazon Studio’s excitement

In a statement, Amazon Studios expressed its excitement to make its first original series accessible to Amazon customers. The unit of the company reiterated its goals to create shows that would please and excite customers. It assured that the first season of ‘Alpha House’ is packed with humor that would not skip a beat.

‘Alpha House’ would just be the beginning for Amazon Studios. Next Friday, November 22, its second comedy series would also be released along with the fourth episode of ‘Alpha House.’ The second series would be called ‘Betas.’

Amazon announced its first original series lineup in May. Back then, it named ‘Alpha House’ and ‘Betas’ as among the first titles in the list. It has asked its customers to watch out for the pilot episodes so they could vote for their personal favorites. Aside from these two comedy series, the company would also release three children’s shows in the coming weeks—‘Annebots,’ ‘Tumbleaf,’ and ‘Creative Galaxy.’ Amazon is also set to roll out by next year two original drama series—‘The After’ and ‘Bosch.’

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