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Amazon Now Bans Cheap Sub-standard USB-C Cables

Amazon Now Bans Cheap Sub-standard USB-C Cables
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Amazon Now Bans Cheap Sub-standard USB-C Cables

Amazon is taking a step towards ensuring its consumer’s safety. It is now banning USB-C charging cables that do not comply with the required specifications. The banning is just proper as these non-compliant cables are dangerous and can cause not only damage to devices it is connected to but also pose safety risks.

According to The Guardian, the USB-C, which includes a reversible connector for plugging in either way was designed as the “do-it-all cable.” This type of cable is used for charging computers, smartphones, tablets as well as other low power gadgets.

The e-commerce company’s move sees it acting as a de facto quality control officer for USB-C cables. This helps consumers avoid purchasing products that are only of sub-standard quality. It is known that many USB-C enabled devices only come with USB-C to USB-C cables without cables for plugging into older chargers or computer which mostly have USB-A connections.

USB-C which was designed under the USB 3.1 specification is able to deliver a larger amount of power than older USB cables. This allows this type of cable to be used on charging computers like Apple’s MacBook and Google’s Chromebook; both devices requiring more power than smartphones does.

USB-C cables are able to charge both computers as it has a 56k ohm resistor that enables the power supply and the device plugged into it to get the correct power level that will suit both ends. In the process, it makes sure that the device doesn’t draw too much power that what the plug can supply. You can learn more about USB-C here.

So why does this really matter? PC World explains that USB-C cables are often used to bridge the gap between the newest USB standards and the older generations using Type-A connections. Type A and Type C cables require a specific resistor value.

Once a sub-standard cable is used and it happens to have a poorly designed cable, the device ends up trying to draw more power than it should. When this happens, the ending might not be good; it might even fry your wall adapter, the cable and even your device. It can literally cause a fire! With the new policy of Amazon, you could say that at least buying shoddy cables can be decreased a bit.

Substandard cable manufacturers might still find a way to sell their products though, so it still lies in your hand. Make sure to check specs first before doing a purchase and research more if you’re really not sure. Sometimes, spending more time and money on choosing your cable is better than spending less and then ending up spending more in the ends.

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