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Amazon Might Be Flying Beyond-Line-Out-Of-Sight Drones Soon

Amazon Might Be Flying Beyond-Line-Out-Of-Sight Drones Soon


Amazon Might Be Flying Beyond-Line-Out-Of-Sight Drones Soon

Pressured by the Congress and companies to consider lifting the ban on drones that can fly beyond the sight of its operator, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is working on new commercial drone regulations to be finalized within the next two years.

U.S. aviation regulators are pushing the envelope with service providers  and manufacturers of drones about testing commercial drones under the beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) technology.

According to Reuters, “The proposed FAA rules unveiled in February would lift the current near-ban on commercial drones. But the proposals, as written, still would not allow for advanced operations such as package delivery services championed by e-commerce company (AMZN.O) because they require drones to remain within an operators visual line of sight as a safety measure.”

This is good news for companies such as Amazon in pushing for their plans of commercial drone package delivery.

Until the new regulations are finalized, Amazon and other companies can seek permission to use “commercial drones on a case by case basis.”

Come next week, the FAA is expected to roll out a set of rules for the possibility of commercial drone use under special circumstances.

And the waiting has begun.


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