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Amazon Introduces Kindle HDX for Sale in China

Amazon Introduces Kindle HDX for Sale in China


Amazon Introduces Kindle HDX for Sale in China

Amazon, the online store is spiking the China market with two kindle versions of HDX tab. The two models were first launched one by one in October and November of 2013 in U.S.  Kindle fire HDX tabs are a better version of previous kindle fire tablet. The two tablets sizes 7 and 8.9 inches giving users to choice their desired size. Amazon claims its 8.9 kindle tablet to be the most lightest in all existing around with 374 grams.

The online retailer has beaten the Samsung tab 3 with a better resolution of 1920*1200 pixels, blasting the vision with 323 pixels per inches for HDX 7 and a bit more good for HDX 8.9 with 329 pixels per inch in contrast to Samsung tab 3 that has only 1280*800 pixels holding 189 pixels per inch. Amazon has heightened the display for clarity lovers by exceeding to be better than HD. The device lacks an option of external micro SD card but it is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions. Each version is priced according to its storage capability.

Both the devices are powered by fast 2GHz quad core processor from QUALCOMM. Devices run Amazon’s own Fire OS. The only drawback of fire OS is its limited app facility which cannot access the Google apps. Besides this fire OS uses its own apps that are not much fascinating like Google and absorbs only few apps from Google store.

The Amazon is gaining fame as most of the user reviews states that it is making tablets better than iPad. If we have a comparison of kindle HDX with the iPad air, Amazon wins with a non-fainting battery enjoyment supporting full time Wi-Fi, web browsing and songs playing for 12 hours. A blog post says that Kindle HDX’s sound effects are very smooth and clear than iPad air. The Kindle HDX sound improved sound quality is due to Dolby Digital Plus Audio Engine. For uninterrupted Wi-Fi, the devices are made with dual band and dual antenna simply called MIMO.

Amazon’s mayday button is another clear distinguishing feature that enables the user to talk with a live human being who can answer to user’s query and teach him to explore more and more from the device without any long text chats or emails knocks.

The price of 7 inches Kindle HDX for China is 1,699 Yuan ($279) and 2,999 Yuan ($492) for 8.9 inches. This seems to be costly from U.S. prices which are $229 and$379 respectively. Amazon has justified the price according to good features and its low in cost than iPad air and Samsung.

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