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Amazon Introduces Its Own Mobile Wallet App

Amazon Introduces Its Own Mobile Wallet App


Amazon Introduces Its Own Mobile Wallet App

Amazon Introduces Its Own Mobile Wallet AppAmazon has a new offering that it thinks would provide convenience to its customers. The online retailer has silently rolled out a new app for Fire Phone and Android device users. It is called the Amazon Wallet, and it serves as just that, a virtual wallet that comes in handy.

Do you think you have tons of loyalty, credit, ATM, gift, and reward cards that make your physical wallet bulky? That is how this app can be of help. It will enable users to scan all those cards using a smartphone. The images would be saved then in the Amazon cloud.

This way, those will easily and quickly be accessible whenever the user needs those. The app’s information would be available as QR code, bar code, image, or text. How is that for being convenient and useful?

Early stage

For its downside, Amazon Wallet would not support actual mobile payments. It would also not facilitate transactions using debit or credit cards. Thus, it would be just that—storage of information about cards.

Currently, Amazon Wallet is in its beta form. But many observers and analysts think that the company would eventually add payment features to make this app more useful. When that happens, it would be comparable to Google Wallet. Amazon Wallet is now downloadable through Google Play.

Other apps

On the other hand, Amazon Wallet is not the only new app recently introduced by the company. In the past week, it has also unveiled several new apps specifically customized for Fire Phone. Those include eBay, Craigslist, Kik, Fandango, TV Guide, WhitePages, and news streaming app Trove.

Thus, the company confidently and proudly announced that it has so far tripled the selection of available apps available on its own Amazon Appstore within a span of just a year. It disclosed that app submission rate has also doubled since the launch of its Fire Phone.

Amazon is obviously addressing complaints by some users that selections and options at Fire Phone are limited compared to iOS and Android. It should be noted that although Amazon’s handset is running on Android, it has not access to Google Play Store. It also does not come with pre-installed Google apps like Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube, and the Chrome browser. 

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