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Amazon Gives Away Android Apps for Halloween

Amazon Gives Away Android Apps for Halloween


Amazon Gives Away Android Apps for Halloween

Amazon Gives Away Android Apps for HalloweenAmazon is offering a great new way to burn off the sugar high you might incur from candy goods you would gorge on for the Halloween. The online retailer is rolling out a different way of trick or treat for the day.

Into the spooky spirit, the company is giving a rare and special treat to consumers. Amazon has announced that it is giving away free Android apps for smartphones or tablets that are of course using the operating system.

Amazon is giving away a total of 39 app titles for free this Halloween. This promotion would last only for today, November 1. Thus, customers are advised to take advantage of the offer right away before the day lasts.

A way to bolster app store

The company is is pulling the stops to finally entice more consumers to purchase apps from its Amazon App Store instead of Google Play. This is a logical idea.

When a consumer purchases enough apps over Amazon App Store, he would be more reliant on Amazon when getting updates or installations in the future for his Android devices. Take it as a ploy to hook you into Amazon ecosystem. It could also be a way for the company to persuade you to choose and buy a Fire device.

List of freebies

Here is a list of apps that are offered for free through Amazon App store today: Alpha Wave, Blocky Roads, Braveland, Devil’s Attorney, Eufloria HD, Eve of the Genesis, Hidden Object—Haunted House 2, Knock Knock, Sonic Hedgehog 4 Episode 1, V for Vampire, Unstoppable, and World of Goo. Such titles usually cost from $1.25 to $7.99 to download.

Included in the list are apps that are usually downloaded for $0.99. These are: Can You Escape—Adventure, Gods vs. Humans—Protect your Kingdom, Fruit Ninja Ghostbusters, Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage, and the popular Plants vs. Zombies.

Also given away are utility productivity, reading, and photography apps that comes in handy for the season. These include CarbsControl, Be Funky Photo Editor, and Amelia and Terror of the Night, a children’s electronic story book. Overall, users can accumulate up to $115 worth of savings by downloading all the free stuffs today.

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