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Amazon Files Patent For Two-Photo Selfie Pay System

Amazon Files Patent For Two-Photo Selfie Pay System
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Amazon Files Patent For Two-Photo Selfie Pay System

Amazon is the latest to join in the growing list of platforms that wants to employ it.

Nowadays, the need for more contactless payment solutions is starting to grow as consumers are slowly warming up to the idea. So far, options involves contactless machine, a digital card, a cellphone and a password to make the transaction. However, passwords nowadays don’t necessarily mean a string of letters and numbers; now, there is another kind of password that involves selfies! Amazon is the latest to join in the growing list of platforms that wants to employ it.

It has been known that the e-commerce company has recently filed a patent application for shoppers to make a purchase by means of taking a photo or video of themselves as password instead of entering a string of numbers or letters.

The application, which was revealed to have been filed since October, is reported by Re/code as an expansion of another patent the Seattle-based company filed. The patent deals with allowing a device to authenticate a user through a photo or a video.

Additionally, Gadgets 360 reports that Amazon explained “such approaches provide for user authentication without the user having to physically interact with a computing device, which can enable a user to access information by looking at a camera, performing a simple gesture such as a smile, or performing another such action.”

The e-commerce firm also explained that the use of such authentication is user-friendly. It can also provide better security as it is impossible to replicate a person’s face in 3 dimensions.

Yahoo adds that the patent application is the current solution for forgetting passwords. Amazon explained that it would be more secure to use a two-photo selfie pay system than what they are currently trying to patent.

The Seattle-based company said that the process of the selfie system is more secure than those currently offering photo recognition security. Those kinds of security, according to Amazon, “can often be spoofed.”

One can hold a picture of the user in front of the camera, which results to a two-dimensional image that can look substantially the same. The e-commerce firm has solved this dilemma through the two-selfie system, which involves asking consumers for one photo to prove their identity.

The second step to double-check whether the picture is legit: the system will require a specific action the owner should do such as blink, smile or tilt the head when taking the photo, adds CNN Money.

On the other hand, MasterCard is also reported to have launched selfie and fingerprint payment that has the same principle as that of Amazon. Similarly, but a bit different, is Windows 10 allowing users to log in their PCs with a facial scan.

Guess technology is getting somewhat awkward now. What do you think about the selfie password?

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