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Amazon Distributes Invitations for a Video Event on April 2

Amazon Distributes Invitations for a Video Event on April 2


Amazon Distributes Invitations for a Video Event on April 2

Amazon could possibly launch its much awaited streaming device this coming week. The e-commerce firm has started sending out invitations for an event that it set on April 2. In the invitation, the company asks the recipients for the launch of what it describes as an ‘update’ of its video business.

It even tipped the appearance of vice president of the company’s Kindle division Peter Larsen. It said that the event would be held in New York City, at about 11:00 in the morning (ET).

However, the invitation does not giveaway much information. But recipients could have hints from the clues in the visuals used. It features an image of an armchair with a bowl of popcorn. It suggests that the organized event would include the launch of the video-streaming device that could fit a living room.

New set-top box from Amazon

The invitation came about a week following a report posted in a major daily about what is supposed to be Amazon’s own set-top box that would arrive next month. That published report cited several well-placed sources, who claimed that the Android-based gadget would come with apps like Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Pandora.

To some observers, the inclusion of those apps would not be surprising. That is because those are already included in similar products from other technology companies like Google, Apple, and Roku. There are expectations that a possible Amazon streaming device would feature much difference compared to other streaming gadgets from the mentioned companies.

Latest Amazon event after some time

Some sources also claim that the expected Amazon streaming device would also include the so-called Amazon Instant Video streaming service that provides a library of over 40,000 films and TV episodes. Those are already available to Prime members.

Incidentally, members of the Prime service are now required to shoulder an annual membership fee of $99, which is an increased rate for the service. Prime members are also provided access to free one-day shipment and access to some original programs like ‘Alpha House.’

The April 2 event would also serve as the latest major release from Amazon. The company’s most recent event before this was during the previous fall, when it launched the update of its lineup of Kindle tablets, which include the Kindle Fire HDX along with the newly activated Mayday customer service button. 

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