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Amazon Dismisses Rumored Plans for Free TV Service

Amazon Dismisses Rumored Plans for Free TV Service


Amazon Dismisses Rumored Plans for Free TV Service

Amazon immediately denied speculations that is has plans to launch and release its very own free streaming video service. This may indicate that the e-commerce firm is strongly dismissing reports about the supposed free TV service that is supposed to launch soon.

A major daily newspaper published the report, citing well-placed, yet unnamed sources. According to that report, the new service would be launched in the coming few months. The sources added that the new online streaming service would not collect any amount to users in exchange for access.

On its denial, the company even emphasized that it does not even intend to create an ad-supported TV streaming platform. Thus, those analysts and fans that gave started to make lists of programs and content they’d like to be featured in the supposed ‘AmazonTV’ would have to redirect their energies now.

No such plan

In a statement, an Amazon spokesman said that the company is often experimenting a lot of things. But it said it has no plans of offering for free a new streaming media service.

According to reports, the company had already offered details about that new service to prospective partners. Thus, the sources were sure about the information they have. But the same published report quoted the sources as saying that the company might delay or even scrap that supposed project any time.

Some analysts said that if there is accuracy to the reports, Amazon might possibly be just stalling the project. Or it may have decided to eliminate it altogether, probably because of certain factors that become setbacks.

Not in line with other endeavors

Moreover, many analysts think that launching a free streaming video service would be contradictory to the company’s goals of enticing more users to sign up into its Prime service (worth $99 per subscriber annually).

Prime members are not only offered access to shipping deals. They are also entitled to enjoy for free Amazon’s current streaming services that include exclusive programs like Betas and many other TV shows that are produced directly by the company.

Analysts also think that an ad-supported free online streaming service would bring about not-so-significant revenues for Amazon. The company is also currently building up its Amazon Advertising Platform. However, they are still unaware about how Amazon would allow the alignment of Prime service and the speculated streaming video device, that in turn is said to be launched next week. 

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