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Amazon Dash Buttons Now For Sale On Amazon Prime

Amazon Dash Buttons Now For Sale On Amazon Prime
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Amazon Dash Buttons Now For Sale On Amazon Prime

Earlier this year, when Amazon introduced the Amazon Dash Buttons, Forbes reported that most people thought it was an April Fool’s joke. Now, all of Amazon’s Dash Buttons are up for sale. The thing is, you need to be an Amazon Prime membership to be able to purchase them.

The idea behind the creation of the Amazon Dash Button (or rather, buttons) is simple. Amazon wants to be able to effectively help shoppers in easily replenishing a series of basic household items commonly used. So next time you run low on something like laundry detergent, you can just press on a Tide Dash button to replenish your stock, for starters.

Right now, there are about 18 brands that you can readily order from with the help of the Amazon Dash Button. This includes a lot of household cleaning items such as Glad Trash Bags, Bounty Paper Towels, Cottonelle Toilet Paper, Clorox Disinfecting Wipes and even a Tide Amazing Laundry Bundle made up of Tide PODS, Bounce Sheets and Downy Unstopables Fresh.

Meanwhile, the Amazon Dash Buttons can also get you a number of food and beverages without having to visit the supermarket. In fact, you can order some Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Larabar (fruit and nut bar), Gatorade, Smartwater, Maxwell House Coffee and IZZE Sparkling Juice.

At the same time, the Amazon Dash Buttons also allows you to stock up on some of your favorite personal items from Olay, Gillette and L’Oreal. And for your little ones, you can also easily replenish stocks of Huggies Diapers, Gerber Formula and Amazon Elements Baby Wipes. Meanwhile, the Amazon Dash Buttons are also helping make pet care easier by allowing shoppers to also purchase an assortment of pet food from Wellness Natural Pet Food.

Amazon says that the Amazon Dash Button takes practically no time to set up. Using the Amazon app, Amazon shoppers can simply select the product they want to order with the Dash button. Once it is connected, just press the button once to make an order. Afterwards, Amazon sends a notification to your phone that an order has been made. At which time, you can cancel the purchase if you change your mind. Meanwhile, as a safety precaution, the Amazon Dash Button only responds to your first press until the order is delivered, unless you allow multiple orders.

All Amazon Dash buttons are available to Amazon Prime Members at $4.99 each.

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