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Amazon Dash Button: It’s Real

Amazon Dash Button: It’s Real
Books from amazon Aurelijus Valeiša / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Amazon Dash Button: It’s Real

Aurelijus Valeisa - Amazon

Image from Flickr by Aurelijus Valeiša

Amazon is all set to bring daily essentials to your fingertips. The rumored Amazon Dash button is now available for premium users, and it will actually make them able to order essentials from Amazon with a single movement of a finger. Though people at first believed it was an April Fools’ gag, the news has become more believable thanks to a video. Even Amazon has confirmed the availability of the dash button on their website.

The Amazon Dash Button is available for a wide range of essential items. This includes toilet roll, detergent, nappies, juices, wipes, and many such items. The button is just as small as a doorbell and comes with a reusable adhesive. It has the brand logo in the front which makes it more recognizable.

The Amazon Dash Button is currently available for premium customers who have or will receive mail regarding such. The customers will get the buttons for free, but only three buttons are allowed per account for the time being. The offer is valid in 50 states in the U.S. and the District of Columbia. The offer cannot be transferred or resold.

The ‘products in a click’ option from Amazon comes with child-protection feature. If by any chance the button is clicked several times, the order will be placed only once. The product will be delivered as early as possible by the company. Customers will receive a mail confirming the order, which will be placed online using the Wi-Fi connection of the device. You will receive a notification on the Amazon Mobile App, and the order can be cancelled quickly if it is a mistake.

Amazon Dash Button is the next step in online shopping that brings customers closer to their daily needs. You don’t need to run to the store at the last minute in order to buy things.

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