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Amazing Netflix Hack Pauses Video When You Fall Asleep

Amazing Netflix Hack Pauses Video When You Fall Asleep


Amazing Netflix Hack Pauses Video When You Fall Asleep

One thing we all must admit: hackers are amazing. Well, I am talking about ethical hackers of course. Have you even wondered and thought about hundreds of things these hack junkies have made for us so easy. Jail broken iPhone devices, Android rooting access that has made the phones a real fun to have with hardware tweaks and cracked software. Every internet or technology service is rolled out with some platform or framework with an open end. Now, it’s upon the bunch of hackers out there to exploit these loop holes in a positive way or negative and destructive way.

We must admit that the positive aspects of hacking and fixing have made our lives so much easier. In a recent nirvana of hacks, the Netflix tweak has been rolled out using which, the movie and multimedia watching service will go on pause automatically when you doze off while watching any movie.

We have received a plethora of Netflix hacks during the Netflix’s internal 24 hour Hack Day which has really rattled the media watch service. Tracking your pulse using the Fitbit activity tracking gadget is what made this hack possible. The Netflix hackathon focused on internal hacks by the Netflix engineers who challenged each other. This way, they managed to get the most out of the platform which usually gets dimmed off because of the formal organizational issues, boss eyes and development constraints. The alluring use of Fitbit activity tracking gadget allowed the engineers to track the activity of breathing and heart pulse.

When you sleep, your heartbeat and blood flow calm down and get slow as compared to when you are awake. Using this simple fact, the Netflix programmers coded the smart algorithms at the back end and made the Netflix media go pause when you go asleep.

So now, if you are watching some live content or a movie which you have always wanted to have a full stream on, there will be no bullshit rewinds, search and any need to move around when you accidentally sleep and then wake up to find out that the best movie has gone off.

This was not the only hack engineers gave us. They used the most famous iPhone Bluetooth service called ‘iBeacon” to bump media and videos from one place to another. The latest Netflix hacks will definitely pave the way for the official updates in the coming months.

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