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Amanda Knox Netflix Documentary: Meredith Kercher Bloody Decapitation Scene Included

Amanda Knox Netflix Documentary: Meredith Kercher Bloody Decapitation Scene Included


Amanda Knox Netflix Documentary: Meredith Kercher Bloody Decapitation Scene Included

Filmmakers Rod Blackhurst and Brian McGinn delved into the horrors that stemmed from the brutal murder of British student Meredith Kercher, which made headlines in 2007, with their documentary titled Amanda Knox. The documentary, set to release in Netflix on September 30, will show police footage of the bloodied crime scene.

The horrific killing of the 21-year-old captured the attention of the media, with some suggesting it to be a “satanic killing” or a “sex game gone wrong.” Amanda Knox was the flatmate of Kercher in Perugia, Italy, at the time of her murder on November 1, 2007. She was charged with the murder of the British student along with her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito.

Another person charged was Rudy Guede. While Knox and Sollecito were acquitted by the Supreme Court of Italy after serving four years in prison, Guede was sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment and is currently serving time in jail, the Mirror reported.

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According to a report by the, on the morning of November 2, 2007, Knox arrived in the home she shared with Kercher and two other Italian women. She discovered the front door was open, and there were drops of blood in the bathroom. However, the door to Kercher’s room was locked. Knox went to Sollecito’s home and later came back to the apartment with him only to discover Kercher’s lifeless body on the floor after breaking open the door.

The documentary shows police footage of the crime scene, where Kercher’s bloodied and bruised body was found lying on the floor. She had a deep slit on her throat, which almost decapitated her. There was also footage capturing the bloodied fingerprints on the wall as well as the floor.

“This dark and tragic event had morphed into this episodic piece of consumer entertainment, and presented to us in the most salacious way possible, over and over and over again,” the Guardian quoted Blackhurst as saying.

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