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Amal Clooney Diva: George Clooney’s Wife Insulted Foreign Diplomat

Amal Clooney Diva: George Clooney’s Wife Insulted Foreign Diplomat
Press Conference by Mohamed Nasheed’s International Lawyers Dying Regime / Flickr cc

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Amal Clooney Diva: George Clooney’s Wife Insulted Foreign Diplomat

Amal Clooney has landed herself in trouble for her diva behavior. The human rights lawyer and wife of Hollywood actor George Clooney reportedly insulted a foreign diplomat.

The human rights lawyer is being slammed for her diva behavior. The 38-year-old lawyer entered the Iraqi UN Mission in Manhattan with an unauthorized camera crew.

According to New York Post, Amal Clooney lectured the ambassador on ISIS. The British-Lebanese lawyer reportedly demanded to meet the prime minister at the mission during the UN General Assembly, but was rejected.

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She had to settle for the country’s UN Ambassador Mohamed Ali Alhakim, two Iraqi officials confirmed. Yazidi refugee and Noble Peace Prize nominee Nadia Murad was also there with Amal Clooney. The incident took place on Sep.15

An official said that the lawyer used “dismissive, lecturing tone” with Ali Alhakim. Amal was discussing how to bring captured ISIS fighters to justice in the courtroom.

Amal Clooney allegedly threw a tantrum while meeting with Iraq’s UN ambassador Alhakim. The ambassador and his staff tried to offer her a full picture of the situation of how each group is targeted by ISIS.

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Clooney threw a tantrum and looked “completely uninterested” and “tone deaf to the whole thing,” the official said. He added that it was highly offensive, as he had cousins exterminated by Saddam Hussein’s ruthless regime.

The meeting lasted for about an hour and 20 minutes. The Iraqi diplomats wanted to be respectful towards Nadia. And, hence in spite of the tense situation and Amal Clooney’s “obnoxious” behaviour they continued.

Amal and her camera crew requested an interview with the ambassador but were denied. She and her team were escorted out of the building for her ‘obnoxious’ behavior.

According to CDL, Amal Clooney’s only claim to fame is marrying George Clooney. She is reportedly using her husband’s celebrity status and connections to make herself a star, and her camera crew proves that.

The lawyer violated standard protocols of the UN as her “media team” carried film equipment had shown up unannounced. The official stated that it requires pre-approval by the mission.

Meanwhile, Clooney’s personal assistant did not return comment on the issue, while the Iraqi mission declined to comment.

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