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Alvin Toffler: Man Who Coined ‘Information Overload’ Dies At 87

Alvin Toffler: Man Who Coined ‘Information Overload’ Dies At 87
Alvin Toffler KUBS (Korea University Business School) / Flickr Public Domain


Alvin Toffler: Man Who Coined ‘Information Overload’ Dies At 87

Do you have those days when you felt that you have had enough of information to process and you scream yourself in silence of information overload? Well, you have the man who coined that term, Alvin Toffler, to thank. But unfortunately, he died recently at the age of 87.

Toffler, the man behind the best-selling book ‘Future Shock’ died in his Los Angeles home Monday. He was 87 when he died of an undisclosed cause Monday night, the death was later confirmed by his associates at the Toffler Associates, the New York Times reported.

Apart from his popular book, which sold millions of copies worldwide, Toffler was highly credited to have coined the term Information Overload, a phenomena that he described as the humanity’s struggle to keep up with the ever expanding body of data.

Although the term was initially had an application on how humans should address change in a way of surviving the ever changing world, that phrase found its way into the ordinary people. It became a popular term used by many to describe the struggle of keeping pace with the overwhelming body of knowledge.

Toffler’s death was a great loss to the political and literary circle where Toffler became one of the modern names that have made a distinct mark. Although he started his career as a newspaper reporter, he found his way through the world of politics, economics, war and information, the NBC News wrote Wednesday.

“There is no one driving force that is always the driving force. What’s happening today is not just an incremental, straight-line extrapolation of what’s happened until now. This is something new, transformatory. If this is really an IT revolution, then the one thing you don’t expect is linear change. You expect ups and downs, surprises, zigzags, inversions. A revolution is an upheaval,” Toffler said in an interview with the ComputerWorld magazine as quoted by the NBC News.

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