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Alva Braziel Video: Truth Behind Another Black Man’s Shooting By The Police Remains Elusive

Alva Braziel Video: Truth Behind Another Black Man’s Shooting By The Police Remains Elusive
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Alva Braziel Video: Truth Behind Another Black Man’s Shooting By The Police Remains Elusive

Houston police fired multiple shots and killed a man 12:04 AM on Saturday for allegedly pointing a gun at them. But where is the Alva Braziel video that will show what really happened?

With tension high and feelings raw over this week’s Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and Dallas Police shootings, people are clamoring to see proof that Alva Braziel (the man killed) really pointed a gun at the Houston police.

Many are also wondering if the police got excessively overboard in how they shot Braziel — 10 shots, 3 of them to the head. Many are asking if the police could not have tried to disarm Alva Braxiel first before killing him.

With no Alva Braziel video surfacing yet, people are wondering now if the police officers are really relaying the true version of events.

According to Daily Mail UK, the version provided by the police is that two officers saw a man standing on the city’s south side at the wee hours of the morning. The man is said to have pointed a gun at the police, prompting the officers to ask him to put it down.

However, Braziel allegedly did not put the gun down. Instead, he pointed it in the air and then aimed it at the police officers, escalating the tension. The officers said they needed to fire several times because of Braziel’s actions.

Braziel’s wife identified him as the victim to ABC 13. A witness by the name of Eric Puckeett, confirmed that Braxiel is a Black male.

The identities of the police officers are currently unknown.However, ABC 13 found that they have already spent 10 and 13 years in the service.

According to Houston Police Department, the officers were wearing body cams all the time during the tragic shooting. It remains to be seen if a video will be made public. With the public trust on the police in an all time low,  a video that will confirm the police officers’ version of events is more than necessary.

Whether this will be enough to make people see police in a better light however, is contentious.

This shooting event, will  be investigated by the Internal Affairs and Harris County. The Black Lives Matter movement is intensifying by the second.

Below are some tweets calling for more footage:

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