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Alton Towers Is Reopening Despite The Horrific Crash

Alton Towers Is Reopening Despite The Horrific Crash
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Alton Towers Is Reopening Despite The Horrific Crash

The Alton Towers, owned and operated by Merlin Entertainments, reopens today, days after the horrific crash that seriously injured four riders.


Merlin Entertainments has closed its three rollercoasters at two other theme parks, as the litigation and investigation of Tuesday’s crash are underway.

The park reopens, but the Smiler ride, which was involved in the accident, remains closed. Its two carriages were take to the laboratory for further investigation.

The company’s chief executive, Nick Varney, said in a The Guardian report,

“The accident last Tuesday was a terrible event for everyone involved. We are very aware of the impact it will have on those involved and we are doing all we can to provide our support to those injured and their families.

“We closed the park immediately whilst preliminary investigations took place and to give our staff time to come to terms with the accident and its aftermath. In recent days our management team have been engaged in a thorough review of our operating and safety procedures before making this decision.

“Alton Towers has a long record of safe operation and as we reopen, we are committed to ensuring that the public can again visit us with confidence.”

X-Sector, the section where the Smiler ride was located, was also closed and another similar high-octane ride, Spinball, is getting some safety improvements and will not be opened until further notice.

The Victims

One of the four victims was Daniel Thorpe, 27, who was identified by his father on Twitter as someone who was sitting in the first row of the ride when the crash happened. Daniel had a fractured leg and a collapsed lung.

The other three were Vicky Balch, 19, Joe Pugh, 18 and his girlfriend, Leah Washington, who both sustained serious leg injuries.


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