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AlphaGo To Battle Chinese AI Team Soon

AlphaGo To Battle Chinese AI Team Soon
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AlphaGo To Battle Chinese AI Team Soon

After the much publicized success of AlphaGo in a recent bout of Go games with a professional player, it would appear that it has garnered attention from fans and critics all over the world. And it appears to have attracted competitors as well. A Chinese AI team has declared that they have plans to challenge the tech giant’s artificial intelligence program.

According to Reuters, the state owned Shanghai Securities News reported on Thursday that scientists from the China Computer Go team will be battling it out with the AI program soon. Attendees from an event said that by the end of 2016, a challenge to AlphaGo will be issued by the Chinese team.

The said event is entitled “The Forum for Understanding the AlphaGo War between Man and Machine and Chinese Artificial Intelligence”  was held in Beijing was organized by the Chinese Go Association and the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence.

Daily Mail reports that the creation of Google subsidiary DeepMind has made history last year in November after becoming the first machine ever to beat a human pro-player. The closed door match was against European Go champion Fan Hui, an elite professional Go player who is known to have devoted his life to Go since he was 12. DeepMind’s AI program won all five games.

But the AI program is more than that and has proven its critics wrong earlier this March when it managed to beat South Korean professional Go player and considered one of the world’s top Go players, Lee Sedol in Seoul earlier this March. The game match that shocked the world resulted to a 4-1 score, in favor of DeepMind’s creation.

Additionally, it was also reported that Google CEO Sundar Pichai has visited one of China’s top Go training schools. A spokesperson for the search engine company has confirmed the report and said that Pichai was in China to develop his understanding of the Go and the country where it originated from.

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