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All You Need To Know About Tesla’s Referral Program

All You Need To Know About Tesla’s Referral Program
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All You Need To Know About Tesla’s Referral Program

Ever since the good news about Tesla’s Referral Program hit the newsstands, people have been clamoring about how this money-making (or discount-generating) scheme works.

The scheme works simple, you just have to refer a person to buy a Tesla Model S through the referral link of the system and get $1,000 off your next car purchase or any Tesla service or accessory you will need in the future.

Quite awesome.

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Free Tesla Model X

Another cool thing in this incentive program: If you want to buy a new Tesla X, get 10 people to buy a Tesla Model S and you will receive your free Tesla Model X. Only, you have to be the first person to convince ten people in your region, otherwise you will lose this momentous chance. For such a losing moment, you will just have the opportunity to buy a fully loaded Founder Series Model X, for the same base price of Model X. You will save $25,000 for this.


Want to attend the Gigafactory opening? Refer five friends and you will receive an exclusive invitation to the event.


The only limitations set by the Company are that 1) you must be a current owner of a Tesla car; 2) you cannot nomite yourself; 3) you cannot transfer the discounts or use them for monthly payments; 4) you cannot use it to purchase a pre-owned Model S; 5) your discount will be available only after your referred client’s transaction become non-refundable.

Reasons of Tesla

So why is Tesla doing this? Aside from boosting the sales through word-of-mouth marketing, it’s their way of expressing their gratitude to their clients for supporting their revolutionary products.

The deadline for this is on October 31.



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