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Are Aliens Sending Messages From The Moon?

Are Aliens Sending Messages From The Moon?
Full Moon 22-July Chris Isherwood / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Are Aliens Sending Messages From The Moon?

Do aliens exist and are sending up messages from out far? In a quest to reach the Moon and Mars fastest, there are always the mind-boggling questions on whether aliens are so far ahead of us and if they are more than willing to communicate.

There has been an endless battle over moon landing conspiracy theories and the truth. Some dispute the said landing and whether mankind has really achieved such feat. Regardless of the sustained belief, the world continues to observe the moon from afar with some believing that aliens may have actually set up base.

According to Clapway, initial impression of the images of the moon will suggest that some odd shapes are spread across its surface. At closer look, one of the objects cast a seemingly tall shadow. It has been speculated that these could be alien ships but up to this date, there are no clear explanations on what the tall object could be, according to the report.

As to the question whether aliens are sending messages to the earth, a number of French astronomers beg to disagree. According to a report from the Daily Mail, the bizarre signals were most likely caused by ferocious lightning storms from a far-flung planet. According to the astronomers, the mysterious radio signals picked up from other planets can be explained through the occurrence of lighting storms considerable stronger than those on Earth. The signals are not necessarily ET’s way of calling. The planet supposedly linked to the signals is HAT-P-11b. French astronomers studied that planet in 2009 and discovered the weak radio signal coming from it. As the signal was left unexplained, conspiracy theories surfaced but a clearer explanation is now available.

“We assumed this signal was real and was coming from the planet,” explained Gabriella Hodosán, the Life, Electricity, Atmosphere, Planets (Leap) Project PhD student leading the study explained.

“Then we asked the question: could such a radio signal be produced by lightning in the planet’s atmosphere, and if yes, how many lightning flashes would be needed for it?” She added. The researchers looked into lightning and its occurence across the solar system.

“Imagine the biggest lightning storm you’ve ever been caught in,” explained Dr Paul Rimmer, Leap researcher and co-author of the paper.”

“Now imagine that this storm is happening everywhere over the surface of the planet.

‘A storm like that would produce a radio signal approaching 1 per cent the strength of the signal that was observed in 2009 on the exoplanet HAT-P-11b.”

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