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Aliens Exist: Why You May Find E.T. In The Stars

Aliens Exist: Why You May Find E.T. In The Stars
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Aliens Exist: Why You May Find E.T. In The Stars

Are aliens using stars as a source of energy for their civilizations? According to one scientist, this is exactly what they do with Tabby’s Star which has experienced sporadic brightening and dimming since 2015.

Scientists and conspiracy theorists offered several explanations. However, one of the most popular theories involves a structure called a “Dyson Sphere” surrounding the star.

Aliens Constructed A Dyson Sphere To Mine Resources From A Star?

A Dyson Sphere is a hypothetical device used to “harvest” the star’s energy. First proposed by Theoretical Physicist Freeman Dyson in 1960, the “sphere” would consist of satellites surrounding the hot ball of gas.

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According to the Daily Mail, a new paper published by Professor Eduard Heindl from Furtwangen University, Germany provided a model that suggests aliens have a hand in what is happening with Tabby’s Star. Heindl explained that if an alien civilization used up the resources on its home planet, they may be forced to find more in other celestial bodies, stars included.

He used our very own star as an example. According to Heindl, the Sun has 6,000 times more metals than our planet. However, to mine them, we have to lift them out of the Sun and into orbit to reduce its temperature.

Stars A Goldmine For Resources

While it might take eons for our civilization to accomplish such a feat, alien civilizations that existed for far longer than us could possess the necessary technology. The energy and resources harnessed from a star are almost limitless which makes mining them extremely enticing for a developing, but highly advanced civilization.

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According to Science Magazine, even small brown dwarfs can be a source of valuable resources, water in particular. Many scientists even believe that these husks of dead stars harbor microscopic forms of life.

Nevertheless, these theories are all speculative. Until, scientists find definitive proof of aliens mining stars, the strange events happening to these celestial bodies will still be the subject of debate between scientists and conspiracy theorists.


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