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Alien News 2016: Weird Writing Found On Mars, A Proof Of Ancient Civilization – Report

Alien News 2016: Weird Writing Found On Mars, A Proof Of Ancient Civilization – Report
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Alien News 2016: Weird Writing Found On Mars, A Proof Of Ancient Civilization – Report

The latest alien news comes from the red planet after a rover captures what appears to be glyphs carved on the rocks. Are these markings proof that an ancient civilization made Mars their home before humans began reaching for the stars?

The markings appear to be made in an order probably the syntax of an unknown language. The markings also appear to be well carved too perfect to be caused by natural weathering on the desolate planet.

According to UFO Sightings Daily, the markings appear to be carved on a metallic-looking part of what could be a spacecraft. Strikingly different from the red rocks littering the landscape.

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The structure of vehicle could have been part of an expedition to colonize the planet which might have failed due to the lack of a key resource: liquid water. Finding it is the top priority for NASA if humans are to ever have a chance of colonizing the planet.

Any alien life with similar biological make-up to our own would also need to find liquid water if they are to survive on the planet. So far, the only surface water found on the planet is found on the polar ice caps.

Alien News 2016: ET Looking For Water On Mars?

Still this has not stopped the planet from being the center of alien news. Such extraterrestrial activities could be a sign that continued exploration is still being done. This could be happening at this very moment while at the same time hidden from those on Earth.

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A manned mission to Mars is already in the works although many believe it to be a one way trip. If the pioneers are successful in landing on the planet, a more thorough search for water can begin. Many scientists believe that large lakes could be buried beneath the rocky exterior, places unreachable by NASA’s rovers.

A team of scientists will also be able to conduct more experiments and tests than an unmanned rover. They could even be the ones to make the groundbreaking discovery that life once existed on the now barren planet.

If that proves to be the case, UFOs and alien news could no longer be considered figments of the human imagination. Also, so-called conspiracy theories can be finally considered legitimate scientific studies.

Watch the video here:

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