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Alien News 2016: Stephen Hawking Talks About Danger Of Contacting, Inviting Extraterrestrial To Earth

Alien News 2016: Stephen Hawking Talks About Danger Of Contacting, Inviting Extraterrestrial To Earth
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Alien News 2016: Stephen Hawking Talks About Danger Of Contacting, Inviting Extraterrestrial To Earth

Stephen Hawking is making alien news as he warns humanity about the dangers of making contact with extraterrestrials. In his new show ‘Stephen Hawking’s favourite places’ the renowned physicist talks about a potentially habitable planet and the possibility of alien life.

In the half hour program, Hawking discussed exoplanet Gliese 832c and how it could be home to intelligent life. “If intelligent life has evolved,” he says “We should be able to hear it.”

According to Express, Hawking also cautioned us into making contact with life from the potentially habitable planet. According to him, if one day we receive a signal from Gliese 832c, we should be wary of answering back.

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Hawking likened us meeting an advanced civilization to the Native Americans meeting Columbus. Most of us might not be history majors but we all know how that turned out for the natives.

This is not the first time Stephen Hawking openly discussed the search for alien life. For a community that has been considered as a pseudoscience for decades, being backed by such a renowned physicist gives them a bit of credibility.

However unlike the excited and energetic words of UFO and alien news junkies, Hawking’s words carry a cryptic tone. Alien life, intelligent life could also potentially destroy humanity.

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This scenario has been already been played out time and time again in films decades before. While some films show that humanity triumphs over a vastly superior alien race, the premise consistently shows that we as a species, are not prepared to make contact.

Scientists have no idea what extraterrestrial life will look like. The carbon-based life we know here on earth might not even be the standard template in the universe.

Life could arise from the basic elements of the universe. It could arise even without water, a substance we deem as essential to life. Our first contact might not even be with beings made of flesh and blood but with machines and drones sent by other civilizations.

For the meantime, while alien news is still kept in the fringe of conventional science, perhaps we should heed the warning of Stephen Hawking.

Let’s not make contact with a species until we know it really does come in peace. And if it doesn’t, well let’s make sure we have enough preparations to toss it back to the void of space.

Watch the video here:

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