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Alien News 2016: Snake Spotted On Mars, A Proof Of Life – Report

Alien News 2016: Snake Spotted On Mars, A Proof Of Life – Report
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Alien News 2016: Snake Spotted On Mars, A Proof Of Life – Report

Has Martian life been there all along, hidden beneath the red planet’s rocky exterior? The latest alien news from our nearest neighbor reveals an alleged serpentine creature emerging from a rocky outcrop on the planet’s surface.

The “snake” does not follow the sharp contours of the rocky background and appears to be slithering on a huge boulder. The anomaly simply does not blend in with the surrounding landscape to be easily dismissed as a crack or some other natural formation.

According to Express, the image was captured by the Mars Curiosity Rover and was subsequently released to the public. The image made alien news after some eagle-eyed viewers saw the strange object on the Youtube conspiracy theory channel SecureTeam10.

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The narrator in the video explains that the object does not blend in; it doesn’t look like just some crack in the rocks. The object also casts a shadow so it definitely is three-dimensional.

Alien News 2016: Reptile-Like Beings Inhabit The Red Planet?

Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily also opined that the object appears to be similar to a common garden snake. He also added that a reptilian form of life would be better suited to surviving in such a harsh environment.

Other conspiracy theorists argue that the object is a remnant on the ancient civilization that once lived on the red planet. The “snake” could have been part of a structure, possibly a reinforcement bar distorted by centuries of weathering.

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Whether it is a living organism or part of an artificial structure, it would still be undeniable proof that we are not alone in the universe. Should the former prove to be true, it could mean that there is a full blown ecosystem thriving on Mars.

Snakes and the majority of reptiles are carnivores which mean that they are first and foremost predators. If a snake-like reptile does inhabit the red planet, there are bound to be prey organisms as well.

Could these organisms also make headlines in future alien news? Only time will tell.

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