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Alien News 2016: China Joins The Hunt With Completion Of New Giant Telescope

Alien News 2016: China Joins The Hunt With Completion Of New Giant Telescope
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Alien News 2016: China Joins The Hunt With Completion Of New Giant Telescope

China will be finding itself at the center of alien news in the following weeks as it completes the construction of the world’s largest telescope. With its completion, the search for extraterrestrial life will be getting a much needed hand as scientists scan the vast cosmos.

Scientists are very, very excited about the completion and why shouldn’t they? The telescope boasts a dish measuring 1,640 feet or about half a kilometer. It will be able to detect radio signals from distant planets and stars and assist in the search for interstellar life.

Faint radio waves resembling communication chatters have been detected over the years but were difficult if not impossible to decode. With the completion of the giant telescope, more mysterious radio waves will make alien news as proof of interstellar communication.

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According to CNN, the mammoth structure is cradled in large hollow in the mountainous landscape of southwest China. Dubbed F.A.S.T. or Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope, the telescope will be operational by September 25.

Alien News: China’s Giant Telescope To Aid In Search Of Alien Life

The process is known as first light where a telescope takes its first images of the universe. With a field of vision almost twice as large as the current record holder, the Arecibo telescope, it will be able to search a much larger area of the cosmos at a given time.

Construction began in 2011 to a tune of $185 million after a decade of surveying over 400 potential locations. It was only in July of this year that the last of the 4,450 triangular panels were painstakingly lowered into place.

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Standard radio telescopes are mounted and can also be adjusted at will to point to a specific area of the sky. F.A.S.T. however is too big to move which is why each individual panels can be adjusted.

Its ability to search huge swathes of the cosmos will prove crucial in the search for extraterrestrial life. The telescope is also expected to shed light on the origins of the universe. It will accomplish this by mapping the distribution of the most abundant element: Hydrogen.

Will China’s giant telescope make alien news with the discovery of life in space? Let us know in the comments below.

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