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Alien News 2016: Extraterrestrial Base Allegedly Spotted Near Gulf Of California [Watch]

Alien News 2016: Extraterrestrial Base Allegedly Spotted Near Gulf Of California [Watch]
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Alien News 2016: Extraterrestrial Base Allegedly Spotted Near Gulf Of California [Watch]

There’s another strange new discovery for the UFO hunters to contemplate and this time it is deep under the waves. Something that appears to be a huge Atlantis-style city has been spotted beneath the Gulf of California and the UFO hunters believe that it is more than just a natural formation.

The conspiracy theorists are poring over the Google Maps to spot the exact location of the strange formation that seems to be a series of lines arranged in a definite order. Based in numerous alien news, UFO believers suggested that it could be an underwater base for extraterrestrials.

“This is an amazingly large alien base,” UFO hunter Scott Waring wrote on his blog UFO Sightings Daily. “It’s huge so there’s no wonder we hear of so many UFO sightings over Mexico.”

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He added that there is 100 percent chance of it being “an intelligently made structure” and urged fellow UFO hunters to get to the bottom of it and find out what it really is. “This needs exploring with some RC sub drones,” he wrote. “I’m sure anyone could make one or buy one, but making one would be cheaper.

He added, “This has to be explored guys, it has to be.”

He also said that it is so close and accessible that it just cannot be left unexplored. He even suggested that the Discovery Channel, History Channel or National Geographic may also fund such an expedition and make a show, the Sun reported.

The Mirror reported that according to the UFO Sightings Daily, the purported city is 76-mile long and 2.4miles wide and can be seen 45 miles away from the Mexican coast. A footage of the Google Earth discovery was uploaded on YouTube. The video footage starts off with a view of the planet as on Google Earth and then pinpoints to the area on the Gulf of California where the structure was spotted.

Previously, Waring and his companions discovered what they called a perfect pyramid under the waters off the coast of Mexico. The UFO hunter suggested that the 11 mile structure could either be a UFO parked under the waters or an alien base.

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