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Alien News 2016: Ancient Glove, Strange Container, Tubes Found On Mars – Report

Alien News 2016: Ancient Glove, Strange Container, Tubes Found On Mars – Report
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Alien News 2016: Ancient Glove, Strange Container, Tubes Found On Mars – Report

As the first human expedition to Mars is inching closer and closer, the Red Planet continues to make alien news. This time strange objects were found on the Martian landscape including what appears to be a glove, a rectangular container, and tubes.

The images were captured by the curiosity rover as it wanders endlessly in the vast wasteland. Could this be more proof that ancient alien civilizations inhabit the planet? Many conspiracy theorists think so and go even further as to say that we are their descendants.

According to UFO Sightings Daily, the objects could have been left there after their creators perished. Scott C. Waring believes that the cause of their disappearance could have been either war or a planet-wide disaster.

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While it seems highly unlikely that warfare wiped out a highly advanced civilization, ancient mythologies tell a different story. All over the world, ancient people depicted epic battles involving the gods.

Alien News: War Decimated Ancient Martians?

These battles depict one group of beings against another with weapons and vehicles straight out of a science fiction movie. And more often than not, the reason behind their never ending battles is us, specifically who will be the ones to guide humanity.

Many scientists believe that the Red Planet did have its own atmosphere millions of years ago. Today Mars has no atmosphere to speak of which might have contributed to the loss of its oceans. Still the theory that life once existed on the planet continues to make alien news today.

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Could the interstellar war between ancient Martians become so widespread that it ended up destroying their home? Could the same happen to us should we plunge into another world war?

These are some of the questions that will definitely be answered when the first humans arrive on the planet. NASA has already stated its goal to send humans to the Red Planet by 2030, these pioneers have only one goal: establish a human colony on Mars.

Could this be the first time humans set foot on the planet or could it be merely homecoming to our original birthplace? Will their discoveries make alien news in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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