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Alien On Mars: Old Man With Beard, Reptile Face Reportedly Spotted On Mars Rover Photo

Alien On Mars: Old Man With Beard, Reptile Face Reportedly Spotted On Mars Rover Photo
Alien on Mars Kevin Gill / Flickr cc

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Alien On Mars: Old Man With Beard, Reptile Face Reportedly Spotted On Mars Rover Photo

Conspiracy theorists have been ever inquisitive about the possibility of the existence alien on Mars. NASA images of the planet’s surface taken by Spirit rover showing faces of an old man, reptile and a bear have emerged and sent UFO believers into overdrive.

If noted carefully, some of these otherwise plain images of rocks scattered across the Mars surface would appear to have faces of an old man, bear or a reptile carved into it. These anomalies would not catch the eyes at first, but would become evident if seen with a practiced eye.

Blogger and UFO hunter Scott C. Waring discovered these anomalies on NASA images taken by now out-of-commission Spirit rover.

“I found a few faces on Mars in the Spirit rover archives,” he wrote in his blog UFO Sightings Daily. “The faces are actually made well, but the material they are made with seems to be lumpy and awkward to have worked with.”

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He added, “As if it was made with many clumps of clay layers on one handful at a time, each being a new lump. Very cool and strange faces.”

Waring pointed out that faces of an old man, a reptile or a fish, or a bear could be made out in the clumps of clay photographed by the Spirit rover. Waring had asked the readers to judge by themselves the origin of these faces and the chances of the presence of alien on Mars from the images.

Last month, Waring made another discovery of a reptilian face on the surface of Mars in a photograph taken by the Spirit rover at the site of its landing in January 2004.

“I found this face in a Spirit rover photo today. It’s tilted over and may be difficult to see, so I cut it in half and matched it to itself…two of the same halves so that you can see its detail,” Waring wrote on UFO Sightings Daily.

“It’s easy to see that this is one strange looking species and has canine teeth. It does not resemble humans at all, but it does appear intelligent. Its eyes are smaller than humans, but round,” Waring added.

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