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Alien Existence: ET May Claim Mars Before Humans Can, Report

Alien Existence: ET May Claim Mars Before Humans Can, Report
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Alien Existence: ET May Claim Mars Before Humans Can, Report

Alien enthusiasts have come across images allegedly showing an ancient extraterrestrial civilization on Mars. The images were taken from NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey missions. Are these true?

Alien Existence: Tall Structures On Mars

The purported images from NASA show three tall structures. In addition, the structures are almost a mile high and are said to be evidence of extraterrestrial (ET) life on the Red Planet.

Questions are raised regarding the existence of an ancient alien civilization. Furthermore, some were asking if these structures were the only ones left. It was also asked if there were extraterrestrials still roaming around the area, according to Science World Report.

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The mile-high structures, discovered on the Terra Meridiani region, were equally spaced apart.

Spanish ET enthusiast and YouTuber Mundodesconocido made this claim. The ET enthusiast was going through thousands of images from NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey missions. While doing so, he discovered these uncanny tall towers on the surface of the Red Planet.

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Mundodesconocido alleged that these structures aren’t large rocks formed due to the natural process of weathering or natural erosion. He believes that these structures were created artificially by an ancient civilization on Mars.

Similarly, UFO Daily News reported that the peculiar shapes and structure of the towers made ET enthusiasts believe they were artificially made.

Meanwhile, Mundodesconocido created a 3D model of the structures on Mars based on the images.

Alien Existence: Scott Waring Supports Claims

Scott Waring, popular extraterrestrial enthusiast, supports the existence of the tall tower. He said that from the images, the towers look well-made as they were not destroyed.

He also said that the towers look perfect for setting up human habitat. However, this would only  be possible if the towers are vacant.

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