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Alien Abduction Allegedly Confirmed: Woman Reveals Experience With Extraterrestrials, UFO

Alien Abduction Allegedly Confirmed: Woman Reveals Experience With Extraterrestrials, UFO
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Alien Abduction Allegedly Confirmed: Woman Reveals Experience With Extraterrestrials, UFO

Lisa Tenney was six when she first experienced alien abduction. Some of them were hostile while she described others as like family. She even recalled being raped by the evil aliens who were from a government project referred to as My Lab.

According to Tenney, she was captured by different types of aliens over the years and the experiences haven’t been friendly all the time. She was interviewed by Earth Mystery News and the broadcast was posted on the social media.

“My first experience that I can remember was these beings coming through a wall in my room and they would take me,” she was quoted as saying by the Sun. “Somehow I ended up being able to go through the wall with them… They looked like static, like particles and would solidify as they came through the wall and become more solid.”

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She added, “I would watch my body do the same thing and then I would move through the wall and then I’d be in a ship … physically on a solid cool surface.”

She revealed that the aliens would probe her genitals aggressively, in a way that felt more like rape. There was no connection and the feeling was not good.

She described the aliens as tall humanoid beings with head, arms and legs. They even had tiny ears and their mouths were very small. The eyes of the aliens were large, black and oily.

She was also contacted by more amicable aliens and the contact gave her a comforting feeling. She said she and her sister were contacted by one being that was “higher dimensional” and “more conscious in the heart.”

“The one being that came to me the most and my sister as well, I would call her Mum,” she said. “The being that I connected with wasn’t scary. It felt like I was at the doctor.”

Tenney urged other with similar encounters with the extraterrestrial to come forward and share their experiences on alien abduction. She said it is more normal than most people think it is. The video got mixed responses from the viewers, with some even claiming they had undergone the same experiences, the Express UK reported.

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