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Alicia Machado: ‘Miss Piggy,’ Latina ‘Miss Housekeeping’ Facts And Photos

Alicia Machado: ‘Miss Piggy,’ Latina ‘Miss Housekeeping’ Facts And Photos
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Alicia Machado: ‘Miss Piggy,’ Latina ‘Miss Housekeeping’ Facts And Photos

One of the highlights of Monday’s presidential debate was Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton slamming Republican nominee Donald Trump for his treatment of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

The former secretary of state criticized Trump for his comments towards women, for which he has gained notoriety among Hispanics and women.

“One of the worst things he said was about a woman in a beauty contest,” Clinton said. “He loves beauty contests, supporting them and hanging around them, and he called this woman ‘Miss Piggy,’ then he called her ‘Miss Housekeeping’ because she was Latina.”

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Pressing forward, Clinton said, “Donald, she has a name. Her name is Alicia Machado. And she has become a US citizen and you can bet she is going to vote this November.”

As CNN notes, a video featuring Machado was published after the debate along with a press call. “I lament that I could be an uncomfortable person for Mr. Trump, but that’s how things were,” Machado said.

“And I know very well what’s he’s capable of, this man. And that’s why I am fighting to make the community understand, now more than ever, that Latinos need to support the US, that we need to return all the beautiful and grand things the US has provided for us.”

Representing Venezuela, Machado was crowned Miss Universe in 1996. She was 19 years old then. According to a CNN report of the time, Machado weighed only 60 pounds. Speaking with Inside Edition in May, Machado said upon gaining 15 pounds Trump called her “Miss Housekeeping” because she is Latina and “Miss Piggy.” She was depressed because he made her feel “so fat.”

“After that episode, I was sick, had anorexia and bulimia for five years,” she said. “Over the past 20 years, I’ve gone to a lot of psychologists to combat this.”

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A two and a half minute spot (which can be viewed towards the bottom of the story) was featured as part of the debate, which – credits to Clinton – has become a subject of relevance in the presidential race.

Trump, speaking with the New York Times, said he had encouraged Machado to lose weight. “To that, I will please guilty,” he said.

He even said that Machado’s weight had become an issue. “She gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem,” Trump said. “We had a real problem.”

Machado said she was “really surprised” when she heard her name during the first presidential debate. “Well, last night I was with my family, with my mom and with my daughter, we were watching the debate and you know, I was really surprised,” she said. “And I started crying. I started crying because I never imagined that such an important person like her would care about my story, know about my story.”

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