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Ali Daqneesh Dead: Omran Daqneesh’s Brother Died From Russian Airstrike

Ali Daqneesh Dead: Omran Daqneesh’s Brother Died From Russian Airstrike
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Ali Daqneesh Dead: Omran Daqneesh’s Brother Died From Russian Airstrike

The series of aerial bombings in Aleppo, Syria continues to claim the lives of many, including that of Ali Daqmeesh, the ten-year-old brother of Omran Daqmeesh, the five-year old boy who sat motionless in an ambulance after being pulled out from the bombing wreckage.

The neighborhood of al-Qaterji was shattered on Wednesday night when it became the target of air strike. Ali and Omran’s family, including the boys’ two sisters and parents, were in the area when warplanes bombed the neighborhood, bringing down buildings, wounding and killing people.

According to report from the Syrian Observatory For Human Rights, the attack killed four civilians and left several injured. Omran was seen being pulled from the rubble. He was later placed inside a waiting ambulance where he sat motionless, a look of visible shock on his face.

Various wounds and dust from the rubble cover his entire body. One of his eyes is slightly closed from an apparent injury. The sight of Omran’s bloodied face would soon become a symbol of the daily horror that Aleppo faces after the footage of his rescue was released by the Aleppo Media Center. He was joined by two other children in the ambulance after a few minutes.

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Unfortunately, Ali died from wounds on Sunday, making him one of the youngest victims of violence brought by the Syrian regime to their own people. According to the Syrian Observatory, Ali is the 100th child casualty of aerial bombings in Aleppo since the end of July 2016.

Of the 486 lives that have been claimed since then, as much as 57 said are said to be women over the age of 18. Many have died as a result of shelling.

Meanwhile, there are several other neighborhoods in Aleppo that face the same danger as Ali and Omran’s. A few hours ago, the Aleppo Media Center reported that warplanes are now targeting the western Aleppo countryside. It plans to conduct air raids using missiles that contain cluster bombs.

WARNING: The video and image below are graphic and can be disturbing to some readers.

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