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Algorithms to Ease Hiring Process, Will Judge Voice

Algorithms to Ease Hiring Process, Will Judge Voice
Talking openly Desi / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Algorithms to Ease Hiring Process, Will Judge Voice


Image from Flickr by Desi

Trying your luck to score a job in sales? Well, be prepared to find surprises coming your way.

Thanks to technological advancement, a computer will now be able to judge your voice and thereby decide if you deserve the job or not. New algorithms have been designed to choose a suitable job candidate, making recruitment the newest frontier to turn to automation.

Numerous scientific studies conducted over the years have analyzed the human voice and categorized the key emotions of the speaker.

Jobaline, a leading mobile-first, bilingual marketplace and matching platform for hourly jobs, has designed algorithms to interpret how a voice makes others feel and confirm its judgement with real human listeners.

According to the CEO of Jobaline Luis Salazar, the new Jobaline algorithm can identify if a voice is engaging, calming, and trustworthy.

“We’re not analyzing how the speaker feels,” Salazar said, as quoted by the NPR. “That’s irrelevant.”

Hiring Made Easy

Jobaline is being supported by big companies to help select the right workers through thousands of applications for hourly jobs. Although the final judgment is made by human recruiters, Jobaline initially selects the people suitable to be interviewed by human recruiters.

With the new technology, the startup claims to have processed over half a million voices for various positions.

The CEO added that unlike human recruiters, algorithms do not discriminate between different candidates. They treat each candidate as same and remain unaffected by factors like age, race, gender or sexual orientation.

Shaping Careers

Aarti Shahani, who has a career built on talking, has two voices as her friends claim – inviting and empathetic. The CEO has described her voice as engaging and trustworthy.

The results of the algorithm did not surprise. With 95 percent certainty, her voice is engaging to quarters of Americans.

Thereby, she has made the right career decision by choosing radio.

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